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Specificity of multicultural dating

Date Added: May 03, 2010 06:33:08 AM
Category: Dating Sites: Ethnic Dating

African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian. Consider all possible combinations of the previously noted. The sum of these peoples can make up one human being or one couple. OK, it has been established that you are attracted to a guy or girl who is not your ethnicity. Are you attracted to their culture too? This is the crux of multicultural dating and it specificity. You are crossing over into a place of seemingly unfamiliar mores and customs. You must pose this question to yourself because being with this person means being in their world. Their world? Just like yours, it consists of friends and immediate and extended family. Are you really ready for the true thoughts of these people?

Multicultural dating takes on a group dynamic. Friends and family feel compelled to comment on your choices. Some may get nutty and threaten to harm themselves if you continue on your path. I had an Italian-American friend whose Mom went berserk over her seeing a Black guy. In addition to saying the rosary aloud daily, she swore that she'd throw herself under a train if my friend chose the man over her. Hysterically funny and melodramatic.

Ask yourself why you are seeking to date other races. Are you truly drawn to a person's personality or are you "sampling" them because of some urban legends on which you were raised? Or, worse of all things, are you looking to piss off your family? Whatever the answer is, it should not hurt the object of your quest.

Where do you want this to lead? That's a loaded question. Dating is a goal in itself. It doesn't have to lead anywhere. But if you are dating and mating with a mind toward co-habitation or marriage, will you be strong enough to weather the fools who at every turn will slight your union? Is you new partner worthy of your support? Do you know how to be supportive of your date other than by punching out Neanderthals? Could you back up your partner by laying down the law to friends and family? If you can answer these questions truthfully, you have a chance.

In the USA the cultural landscape has changed and is continuing to do so. Integrated workplaces and neighborhoods have added the opportunity of meeting different kinds of people. It has added to the dating pool. The number of multicultural couples is rising. If the statistics are not in your favor to to date someone of your race, look to finding a lovely person outside of it. Don't deprive yourself of romance or marriage because others won't like your choice.