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Tips on Dating

Date Added: May 03, 2010 04:11:18 AM
Author: Danielle
Category: Dating Sites: General Dating Sites

If you are a shut-in who has never dated before, there is hope for you. Here are some basic tips on dating for the non-initiated Learn kissing from movies You’ll obviously go online or watch some show that has kissing techniques using a strawberry or peach. The only problem with this: A woman isn’t a peach. If you really want to learn how to kiss, watch movies. These smooches are choreographed so that most of the action ends up on screen.


This is one of the tips on dating that allows you to just fire up your DVD. Never underestimate the power of “cute” Not so long ago, when a woman called you cute it was the death sentence. You were forever labeled as the guy who would make her laugh rather then make her moan. Don’t fear, play the role. This is one of the tips on dating that men are reluctant to follow. Every man would want to be the seductive ladies man, but not many get there. Remember that when you are given an in and assigned the role of “cute guy” it’s only a skip away from being the cute guy she brings home.


Manners cost nothing Being rich helps you get women, but remember that the little things, like manners can make up for a lack of funding. Chivalry never died, guys just got lazy. All those little things, like opening doors and paying compliments go a lot further then driving a Ferrari Testarossa. First try out these methods in your life outside of dating. Try dropping a compliment to a waitress or coworker (in the case of a coworker, be careful so that your compliment doesn’t come off as harassment). You’ll see that people will be happier, respect you more and like you more and also be more willing to open up to you. Bro’s before…you know the rest


Another one of the tips for dating is simple: remember your friends because sex is only temporary. A man can only get so far without friends. When you find a woman and accepted her into your life, there’s less time to go around. What you need to do is make time to spend with your guys. Your woman will no doubt, be a bit put off by this, but, try to influence her that it’s a good way to have guy time, and either ask her to join or even just go away with her friends and have some lady time. A good suggestion would to ask her to take a night out and check out the new Sex in the City movie. That gives you at least two hours of uninterrupted bonding time with your boys.


These tips on dating will help you not only have more successful dates but, also a more successful life. Remember that all dating tips that you learn only improve your arsenal of dating techniques. Read more and be like a Swiss army knife and master tips on dating.